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Committed to teaching little angels how to achieve their dreams

volunteer teacher sitting with preschool kids in a classroom

Our team has been formed out of a unified passion and goal, and that is to shape children whom we believe are the hope of the future. Because of this, we made it a point to provide students with the best early education program that they need to fully equip themselves for the big world out there.

Our Administrators

Our administrators have the combined years of teaching and management experience needed to run a school like Raising Angels Learning Center. As leaders, they make sure that everyone in the team is given the best opportunities to improve themselves as educators/caregivers, and that children are provided with an excellent educational curriculum in each program that we offer.

Our Teaching Staff

All our teachers are credentialed and are highly qualified to teach and facilitate any early childhood education program that we have. They are not just skilled in teaching but are also highly affectionate yet firm in molding the characters of children inside the classroom, which is their second home.

Get in Touch

If you want to learn more about how we can help you raise your little angels into future lifelong learns, then please feel free to get in touch with us.